Quantum Computing

The future of manufacturing is here. Quantum 360 solutions is built on hybrid Edge and cloud computing supported with artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize productivity. In line with our vision for manufacturers to embrace successful adaptation of a range of technological applications, we will utilize 5G powered OT via Quantum processors to a valuable competitive edge.

There are four key components to how Quantum 360 works. The first is the gathering of data directly from the production assets. Following that, data is aggregated for analytics.

The third step sees the data being merged and disseminated in an understandable way for decision-making. Finally, artificial intelligence (AI) solutions are used to provide advice on the finest results for a certain scenario.

Quantum 360 will enable Autonomous Maintenance with a guided checklist; Preventive maintenance schedule and accountability matrix; Predictive maintenance with AI driven condition monitoring and notifications; Alert of critical production occurrence directly to end users; Actionable Notifications to respective personnel; OEE of Production Line including all sub machineries; and Audit trail of Quality Control Procedures.

Quantum 360 is the new level of automation that gathers the right data, gives you valuable insights to your production, enables actionable maintenance plans, plans your production in a fraction of time and protects your core production facilities. Customise these solutions to your business to empower the next generation production lines.

Quantum Computing

Machine Condition Monitoring with IIoT Sensors and Quantum 360 Solutions.

Quantum Computing

Continuous Pressure and Temperature Monitoring to Prevent and Predict Machine Failure due to Hydraulic System.

Quantum Computing

Produce detailed Vibration Analysis with Report by continuous monitoring And collection of Bearing Vibration, Temperature and Motor Current Data.

Quantum Computing

Condition Monitoring for Individual asset.

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